Modern kitchens’ ambience and aesthetics is no doubt complemented by not just a functional oven, but an oven that makes cooking or baking exciting and fun. Cooking with a good oven makes you look forward to time in the kitchen and you can get some very good information here on Keuzehelper. If you are looking for a great oven, then you will find plenty and you can discover feature in each which are unique and will give very good result. You can buy one which has very good power capacity and size based on your needs. So if you want quality then go in for a product which will alt long and will give you good results at all times.

Quite a number of ovens currently in the market may fit this bill. But the little variations do make a lot of difference. Therefore, we have researched many different types of ovens, evaluated the different features of the ranges, compared models and present here our recommendations.


Featuring five burners, two expandable burners and is powered by electricity. It has a great sleek look and varying colours to complement the look of your kitchen. It comes with heated and steam mode for self cleaning, with settings for frozen foods. Measuring 5.9 cubic feet, it provides roomfor larger pots. It also comes with other features such as touch control, timer, digital clock and indicator lights. This is one of the best products and you will get very god results, with this. The quality of this product and the design is really good and will give you very good value for the money you have spent on this product. There is nothing better.

One feature that excites me is the cleaning function inside the oven chamber, for heavy or light soils. This is unique feature and not many other ovens have got it, so this one is a must buy for one and all.


Featuring five burners, this gas powered 6.3 cubic feet oven has enough capacity for 7 racks and a gliding rack for heavy roasting. You can easily adjust the oven through your smartphones in addition to the well laid out control panel. This oven easily handles any type of large cooking and does it fast with convection fan providing heat evenly inside the oven, at Keuzehelper, you will get to know more about this product. Not forgetting the drawer below the oven for keeping food warm and the anti-child lock is great feature of this delight.


This offering from Samsung is heavily loaded in features. First, it’s powered by gas and electricity. It comes with a removable divider that turns it from a single oven to a double oven with ability to cook at different temperature. This is a product which is compact and gives very good result and you will never be worried about cooking or warming and it is worth every penny you spend

Other feature includes convection and the conventional heating, anti-child lock, warming drawer and 2self cleaning functions. These are some amazing feature which you will get with this product and it is worth the price you are paying totally. There is nothing better in the market then this.


The Electrolux comes with 2 ovens, with 2 racks each, giving you enough room to cook several meals at the same time. The control panel features digital preset for different settings and your own reset for your favourite meals. Also included is programing for baking, roasting and broiling. Although it’s not equipped for self-cleaning of the inside of the oven, the smooth makes for easy cleaning. A plus feature for me is its ability to let you know when cooking is done irrespective of time left on the timer.


Arguable the most versatile oven powered by electricity. It features an LCD touchscreen control panel which is very easy to use, an app to enable control by smartphones and Wi Fi connectivity. There are 80 preset programs for your cooking giving you convenient control over you cooking. The thermostat aside from performing excellently well also has a pyrolytic cleaning function. Itenables this oven to perform self-cleaning of the inside by heating up to around 500 degrees Celsius turning any residue of food into thin layer of ash and leaving the oven glittering.

Warrant is a very important thing one must consider for each product you buy. This is underrated. It is not a good business choice to spend $1,400 on a brand new oven from BestBuy and decline to purchase protective warranty for only $79.99. The rule of thumbs here isn’t that the likely to break; the trick is that a $1,400 investment (keep in mind every investment is a risk) is worthy of investing an additional $1,400 – a tiny fraction – of the purchase amount, to ensure the valuable purchase enjoys an extended life time. Always keep this in mind and you should never miss our of extended warranty which is a very important thing and should be kept in mind at all times to avoid any problems later. Even if it means spending a little more on the product, which is not tough for a person who is buying a good appliance.

There is lots of choice and you should read some good reviews on websites like Keuzehelper, which give you good information about this.