Features of Viddictive tool

Viddictive will be out on 30th august and it is expected to revolutionize creation of the video ads and it will be one of the all in one video advertisement tool. There is overload knowledge in this word and the videos are now becoming important in creating the needed impact within less time. The research had proven that videos links are being shared at 1200 percent compared to the 63 percent of the links that contain text. Many people choose to buy items after checking the videos where the item was featured.

It is expected that the tool from will be addictive since it offers all you need to have your videos made and posted. The tool will help you to generate leads and to make money regardless if you are restaurant or a real estate agent. The game is changing and this is the application of the future and any type of the business can break through with this software.

The unique twist of the tool is that it has a full access to the API of Facebook like a Facebook partner. It is possible for the people to create the full brown YouTube and Facebook campaign. There are hundreds of the templates which may be customized and they are all brand new and you may never have seen them from another place before. From the dashboard of the tool, everything can be customized starting from the headlines and styling description. The video may be generated at once and it will generate the traffic, generate the leads and also the sales. The tool is not a video application only but it is also traffic software which makes it unique.

When you enter, you will reach the dashboard when you can find five tables. They are Welcome, My video Ads, Create Ads, Training and Upload Ad. Before you can create the first ad, you should connect your YouTube and Facebook account at the welcome areas. The instructions are offered as you do click at available buttons. It will take some seconds in uploading the videos add on the accounts that you had connected. You can have always an option of downloading or uploading a video if you want to. When the accounts have been connected, you may continue in order to create the first video ad. After the video, then you should define if you want to post the video on Facebook and YouTube, if you want to gain conversions, website clicks and traffic. The software will then guide you according to the customer location and age. The tool is fast, simple and self explanatory.

When you finish, you will decide on your ad campaign duration and budget. When this step has been completed, you should then fill the text about what you wish the ad to talk about. When you have finished, you will get an opportunity of reviewing finished creation before you place an order with YouTube and Facebook. Another useful feature is that if you have completed or unfinished projects, you can find them under My Videos Ads.