Stress Relieving Online Game

Online games are sure trending in today’s generation but a clash of clans is a way out of its league. It created a guest for state’s and made addicted. Even games critics cannot help them from loving it due to its unique and freshness. This game satisfies the game’s mind by creating a whole new world where you can be the head of the clan, defending your clan from being invaded and raiding other clan bases to gain their resources and developing your own clan.

Sending alerts when your base is in danger and updating the building even without internet connection is an additional advantage. Teenagers can pass their time, Adults can vent their anger and frustration through these type of games, which brings relaxation & calmness. Since the past years, it has been the top grossing game and over 100 million plus downloads in the Google’s play store and by this month supercell is celebrating sixth year anniversary.

Supercell Beta Testing

Quality is more than quantity is once again proved by supercell as even though there are only a few members working and operating their works ranked the top positions whenever introduced, it claimed the title of 1st highest application overall in-app Store since its release in 2012, and even in google play store. It still continues to be in top position. Supercell is a creator of a wide range of games but only four games reached us. Shocking right? Yes, they say that the team members want to introduce a game which is played for years and to achieve this supreme goal. Every game has to pass the beta testing the one which didn’t meet the standards set by the team then they were destroyed by their creator.

Canada is the first country in which clash of clans was introduced under the codename “magic” around July in 2012, and after a month or two it is launched for global marketing. In less than 3 months, it became a top grossing game in the United States and it is still there. Actually, Supercell started Development Company for some platform games. After a while, they realized that playing a war of game on a mobile device is totally amazing and started to work on it. They firstly adapted themselves to tablets, mobile phones, and tried to develop the gamete fit small screens and reducing the application storage capacity.

Marketing around the World

Clash of Clans was first launched in Canada and then became available for global market. When a gaming application has extraordinary strategy pretender, exceptional graphics finest arts, goddam sound then it has to be tested by the users of every part of the world. It is not easy to gain popularity in the gaming world but if gained then the success should be doubled or tripled sometimes by introducing to other countries who invites creative mobile game applications like Japan, China, India, Korea and many others. The main reason for its popularity in every country is mainly due to its cost-free model which is also known as Freemium. It can be used by all the audience irrespective of standards which gained the hearts of the people.

It does not need any amount of money to download the game or to play the game but can use the money to speed the process according to time while and for owning some trophies. It’s quite boring to wait for a long time to update you can quite it by buying gems and if you can’t afford then you also can wait.

Making New Friends

Many people have trouble starting a conversation with new people but these type of online games gives you friends from all around the world who lives fantasy helping gains resources for your clan, defending and attacking other clan’s bases. It allows you to chat with new people, knowing the interest in whiling away time for updates.

Gaining Popularity

The clash of clans is incredibly popular as gameplay is quite addicting and because if you are logging off the game means your base wide open for an attack, therefore the players have to keep an eye on these game to prevent it from reading. The other reason which adds pieces to increase its fame as follows:

  • Multiplayer: Multiplayer helps you sharing triumph or to challenge your friends which also increases the usage of the game and offers a great kind of impatience. It also makes the application social and available for a great number of players. In some way, it acts as an advertisement.
  • Graphics: Graphics are colorful design cartoons which represent the character look creative and smooth. Buildings is another attacking cartoon style. Attacking animations needs little more improvements. It does not look clumsy despite all effects.
  • Sound: The theme song is quite an epic type of style. The sound effects truly fit the game in all aspects and make the game in all aspects and make the game more interesting.
  • Great Strategy Game: The concepts of building world interacting with a new player, tearing apart enemy building forts needs a great strategy. It gives you a 30 seconds view of the enemy’s base and then within 3 minutes, you have to destroy the enemy’s You can gain a trophy if you win and lose a trophy if you face defeating it gives you an opportunity to earn more and more trophies.
  • Great Way to Pass Time: Instead of watching empty walls when bored you can download the application for free and build your fantasy village clan. It also helps in relieving stress by attacking other clans tearing stress by attacking other clans tearing their forts apart, looting their resources provides calmness or satisfaction to watch.
  • Freemium Model: It does not involve any type of money transaction for downloading and using. One can bring their success in the village with friends.

The clash of clans quickly climbed all the ranks and topped almost all gaming applications due to its long-term thinking which made it remain in user’s mind and hearts for many year’s supercells now even own. ”Clash Royale” which is the same type and is a second grossing application for IOS devices.